Ed Emberley

Earlier today when I was trying to get Olivia to fall asleep, I found my mind wandering as it usually does and I remembered there were these great how-to-drawing books that I loved as a child.  I couldn’t remember the name or author to save my life but I remembered they were wonderful step by step books that were incredibly easy to follow and the art was awesome.  I remember always checking out the same book at the Livermore library so I figured I would take a quick look at their online catalogue to see if I could locate.  Voila!  I found it – I guess the Livermore library doesn’t change their inventory too often.  Anyways, the author is Ed Emberley and I adored the “How to Draw Faces” book – I must have drawn all the faces a few hundred times and I remember always wanting the thumbprint book but my parents never allowing me to do the actual drawings because it required me to ink my fingers – boo!  Looks like I may have to purchase a few of these bad boys – Olivia can play with them too I guess


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