Hat Roundup

Hat Roundup

When I first found out I was pregnant the second time around and the shock value wore off, I wished deep down to my core that I was going to have a second girl.  I really wanted Olivia to have a sister and on top of it, I saved all of Liv’s old clothing.  There was also a part of me that secretly wished for a boy because then I could buy all new clothes.  Having children is like having the ultimate doll collection – you can dress your child however ridiculous you want and they can’t say a damn thing about it.  Of course your child will probably take revenge on this in their teens and dress however they seem fit even if it means your sweet innocent daughter suddenly wants to dress like Lisbeth Salander.  Ugh.  Until then, my boy is going to look like a sweet 80 year old man and my daughter will look like a Parisian college student.

I love the old man look on little boys – blazers, bow ties and the coveted newsboy cap.  AAAH – the hat gets me every time.  These are a collection of hats for Mr. Miles that I would love to add to his collection or frankly to any other bare-headed baby boy I see being toted down the street:

 1. Goorin Bros, “Dirty Tommy”  2. Goorin Bros, “Kip”  3. Gap, “Madras Driver Cap”  4. Goorin Bros, “Scout”  5. Goorin Bros, “London Fedora”  6. Janie and Jack, “Plaid Cap”


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