Summer of Awesome Update

Summer of Awesome Update

Summer of Awesome is well under way and first on the list was a classic movie. Last summer, we unknowingly created a tradition of watching a classic movie after Olivia’s swim meets. We’re always dead exhausted and end up crashing on the couch. Normally, the kids whine and sulk if we put on anything other than The Disney Channel or Nick Jr. but after a swim meet, they’re so tired, they hardly put up a fight. It’s our only chance to put on what we want to watch–they’re tired and I don’t have to watch Doc McStuffins. It’s a win-win.

We decided to introduce Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark. Liv wasn’t thrilled–Miles was ecstatic. We watched and despite Miles announcing in the first few minutes that he was tired and was going to take a nap, he stayed awake and watched the film. I fell asleep a couple times and awoke to Miles and Liv discussing the events that were playing out on screen. I guess they’re captivated by archaeology, adventure and Harrison Ford’s charismatic ways.

All was great until the ending when the Nazis open The Ark of the Covenant and the following unfolded before our eyes:

Totally forgot about that scene.

The kids looked horrified and when Indiana Jones yells to Marion, CLOSE YOUR EYES! WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T LOOK AT IT!! I looked over at Liv and Miles and they are both squeezing their eyes closed–probably due to the terrifying scene unfolding in front of them, while repeating in a frantic tone, I’m not looking-I’m not looking-I’m not looking-I’M LOOKING!

I guess I’ll be adding nightmares to the Summer of Awesome.

Summer of Awesome: 0/40


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