2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve been receiving emails for a couple weeks now alerting me about Mother’s Day and all the while I kept thinking to myself, why am I receiving these emails already? Mother’s Day is weeks out. Come to find out, Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away (May 8th, to be exact)!

If you have failed to realize how quickly Mother’s Day is approaching, like myself, and find yourself without gift ideas, search no further. I’ve rounded up 11 sweet items for The Big Kahuna, The Queen Bee, The Mother of all Mothers, the…well, you get it.

For the Momma who carries everything for everyone:

Yes Way RoseMadewell Tote
1. Now everyone can put the proper beverage of choice in your Momma’s hand without ever having to ask.
2. A classic leather bag that never goes out of style.

For the Momma who deserves a little pampering:

Library of Flowers French Girl Polish
3. Library of Flowers not only has the most beautiful packaging but all of their beauty products smell soooo good.
4. I’m obsessed with lip polishes! This Rose lip polish sounds amazing and quite the little treat for the recipient.

For the Momma who is always cooking up something great:

Olive Oil Aplat Tote
5. Fancy olive oil is always coveted in Mom’s kitchen especially beautiful hand-painted bottles that can later be used as a vase.
6. Mom always brings the best food to parties. These food totes are not only perfect for transporting her favorite casserole but also for carrying her ingredients home from the market.

For the not-so-subtle Momma:

Mama Bird Tee Love Your Mother Tee
7. Because she is the one who is never without her baby birds.
8. A gentle reminder in case you have forgotten.

For the Momma who needs to be reminded how great she is:

Best Mom Ever Mama Mug
9. Give Mom major bragging rights with this handmade gem.
10. Sometimes strong all-knowing Mom needs a few words of encouragement.

For 99.9% of Mommas out there:

I did my best sweatshirt
11. Because we all know, deep down, she did.

I’m also a huge supporter of experience gifts: think concert tickets, a theater performance, wine tasting or take her out to lunch or dinner. Of course, the tried and true handwritten card is always a safe bet.

Thoughts? What are your favorite things for Momma?

*Cover Image by Mary Lennox

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