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  • 74moMiles11

    Month 73 & 74, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I don’t even know where to begin with you. You’re only six years old and your personality is bigger than some adults I know. You are very charismatic and say…

  • 97moOlivia29

    Month 96 & 97

    Dear Olivia, You are 8 years old. Is there anything more frightening than that? Ok, 16 will be terrifying but I refuse to think that far ahead. 8 is a huge number…

  • 72moMiles12
    Miles, Travel, Family

    Month 71 & 72, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I’m currently sitting alone in the kitchen basking in the glorious quiet that is currently enveloping the household. I do not hear siblings fighting. I do not hear the request…

  • 95moOlivia18
    Newsletter, Olivia

    Month 94 & 95

    Dear Olivia, I find it odd that you don’t know how to play with toys. I watch you sit in front of your toys and arrange them in lovely displays but you…

  • 70moMiles27

    Month 69 & 70, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, You’re officially in kindergarten! This should feel like a bigger milestone but I feel a bit robbed since you went to developmental kindergarten or also referred to as DKA or…

  • 68moMiles16

    Month 68, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Summer is here which means I have two very bored children on my hands. Thank goodness I decided to join a cabana club (not as fancy as it sounds) because otherwise…

  • 92moOlivia17

    Month 91 & 92

    Dear Olivia, I would like to begin this month’s post by thanking you profusely for being such a great traveller on our trip to Europe. You really were quite the trooper when…

  • 67moMiles3

    Month 66 & 67, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, It’s the end of the school year which means I’m a crazy lady running around for all the school activities, sports, music, you name it. In addition, I’ve also started working…