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  • Cabin4
    Friends, Travel, Adventures

    Cabin Fever

    I’ve been incredibly inspired lately by pictures of cabins, particularly cabins in desolate settings. The tranquility and sereneness depicted in these pictures bring a calmness to me that is often necessary when…

  • Trailer Intro
    Design, Travel, Adventures

    Happy Camper

    Ryan and I came dangerously close to purchasing a trailer yesterday and by some power unknown to us, we somehow managed to talk ourselves out of it…for now.…

  • family
    Adventures, Family

    Road Trippin’ Part 2

    The real reason for this road trip was to visit a very dear friend of mine whom I have known since we were ten years old. Our relationship has always survived on…

  • Movie
    Parenthood, Adventures

    Summer of Awesome Update

    Summer of Awesome is well under way and first on the list was a classic movie. Last summer, we unknowingly created a tradition of watching a classic movie after Olivia’s swim meets. We’re…

  • _Happy-Summer
    Parenthood, Adventures

    Summer of Awesome

    Summer is here and I’m prepared to make this the most awesome, epic summer that ever was! Well, that we’ve ever had. The kids are doing minimal activities and despite me working…

  • MD_Cover

    Memorial Day Weekend

    I often take for granted that our home is located in a pretty awesome area. The Bay Area is centrally located to a lot of options. I love that we can choose to…