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  • Community Bookcase

    Community Bookcase

    I think this is a rather splendid idea that is already taking place in several cities around the world.  No memberships, no late fees – you simply take which items you like and go on your merry way.  The only thing the bookcase asks of you is you add a few items of your own […]

  • Creativity Series

    I came across a post this morning on one of my favorite blogs, Decor8, where the writer goes into detail about how to reclaim your creativity.  This post hits right at home with me because, as described in the post, I awoke one day to discover that I live a very monotonous life.  You get […]

  • Max Wanger Photography

    Max Wanger Photography

      I recently discovered Max Wanger who is an amazing photographer and I absolutely adore his work.  He has an incredible and unique vision that he captures beautifully in his work.  Makes me want to get married all over again so I have an excuse for fancy photos.