Category: Music

  • Daily soundtrack

    Every now and then, you come across a song you just can’t get enough of.  You have to hear it constantly and each time you’re just like “oh yes – this is my shit.”  You listen to it over and over and suddenly you realize you’ve been listening to the same song for 4 hours […]

  • Aversion to music

    Have you ever heard a song that made you incredibly angry?  I had one of those moments today when I heard Plain White T’s song 1,2,3,4.  The lyrics aren’t offensive and it’s not because the song is sappy – there is just something about the song that makes me angry to my core.  I don’t […]

  • Loving the French right about now

    I don’t know about you but I love discovering new music.  Back when the OC was on, the show would always post the music on their site that aired on the episodes and I would spend hours tracking down the songs.  I recently discovered MC Solaar who is a french rapper.  I can’t understand a […]