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  • The O’Donnells Go International

    The O’Donnells Go International

    Guys, we’re heading to AMSTERDAM!!! Well, technically we’re planning a stop in Stockholm and Copenhagen too but the bulk of our trip will be in Amsterdam. We’re taking the kids on their first international adventure and I’m so incredibly excited and also a wee bit nervous.

  • Happy Camper

    Happy Camper

    Ryan and I came dangerously close to purchasing a trailer yesterday and by some power unknown to us, we somehow managed to talk ourselves out of it…for now.

  • Fancy Camping

    Fancy Camping

    Can you tell I have vacation on the brain?  I might actually consider camping more often if I knew I would get a flat screen tv, wall to ceiling LED lighting, and upgraded kitchen appliances.  The outside is a little Star Trek for me but I think I could manage.

  • Costa Rica, Here I Come. . .

    Costa Rica, Here I Come. . .

    Well, if I could get away, this seems like an awesome stay.  Who wouldn’t want to stay in a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727?  It has such a Lost-ish feel.  More info can be found here