A day in the life. .

A day in the life. .


You know when you’re out shopping with someone and they let loose a big ol’ wet juicy poop?  No? Maybe you should borrow Olivia to see what that feels like.  We were enjoying some nice quiet time in Barnes & Noble – I was looking at magazines and Olivia was sitting in her stroller playing with her bunny when all of a sudden I hear a very loud wet substance arrive in Olivia’s pants followed by an old man honk fart.  Somewhere nearby, I hear a woman say “oh my!”  That’s it – I quickly put the magazine down thinking I need to get this kid out of here asap in case there’s more.  As I make my way down the aisle towards the exit, she proceeds to release another 3 or 4 honk farts.  Now I’m telling you – the party in her pants is making quite a ruckus.  It sounds like I have a microphone hooked up down there and it’s blasting over a p.a. system.  People probably thought it was me the way I scurried away giggling to myself because no infant can make those sounds – it just can’t be possible.  Well just goes to show that my little princess can pack a punch and she’s determined to throw it down if anyone doubts her capabilities.

I know some of you are probably jonesing for your Olivia fix so here you are – I present to you the many faces of Miss O


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  1. Hey Jen this is Michelle (Mike’s Michelle)
    I thought I was going to have a party in my pants when I read this! I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a while…thank you for sharing this hilarously embarassing moment. I feel like I have been so stressed out trying to plan a wedding I really needed that! I try to hop on and ready Ryan and your blog from time to time just to see the baby and what you guys are up to. I really want us to come up there and visit sometime. I had so much fun the last time I was there. Oh I read the entry that you made about trying to find a house and how the old ones have charm that the newer ones lack…I totally agree. The problem we have out here with that is if you want the old charmer you have to live in a bad part of town. Ghetto! So that solves it for me I guess newer house it is.

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I’m so happy to hear from you and I’m glad we could provide you with a bit of comedy relief. I remember how stressful it was to plan a wedding so if you have any questions at all or just need to vent, please feel free to call me or drop me a line. We miss you both so very much as well and have discussed possibly heading down that way maybe this Summer – all depending on house situation and such. Our house is always welcome to you both if you want to come up. Hopefully we’ll see you guys very soon!!!

  3. I will probably take you up on the offer of asking advice and venting because it really helps to talk to someone that has already gone through with the whole wedding thing. I’m finding more and more that the girls I talk to that haven’t been through it have NO IDEA as to how much planning and craziness that goes into the whole process. I like talking to people who have done this already because they have great advice and tips and generally it puts my mind at ease. I’m so happy for you guys on having Olivia. She is too cute and of course the poo stories crack me up! ( I know I’m sick) I told Mike the story last night and I was laughing so hard I was crying. That Olivia is pretty funny!

    I think we are going to start house hunting ourselves (another stressful thing to add to the list) we tried it last year for a few months and got fed up with the prices and how little we could get for our money. I love being so close to school and work, but it looks like we may have to move quite a bit out to get what we want.

    I really hope we get to see you guys soon we are way past due on a visit. Keep us posted on your plans for possibly coming out this summer we would love that. Talk to you soon!

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