Honeymoon over

Ryan and I were truly blessed these first few months with Miss O.  While all of our friends were complaining about not sleeping and the baby trouble they were experiencing, we were sitting back and smiling because Olivia started sleeping thru the night relatively quickly.  She had her moments of fussiness but we could always find what was bothering her and remedy it rather swiftly before it blew up into a huge shit-storm. 

I’m not quite sure what happened but all of a sudden she’s waking up constantly throughout the night, doesn’t want to take a nap, can only fall asleep if you hold her.  I brought it up to the doctor at her last appointment but I can’t for the life of me remember what she told us – I’m guessing I didn’t hear the answer I wanted.  No – we can’t strap her to Maddy and let Maddy rock her to sleep?  Ever since she learned to roll over, it has been insanity.  She continues to get stuck in the crib and cries hysterically if she’s on her stomach.  She has also learned to turn on her music projector in her crib so Ryan and I have awoken in a deep sleep to the ding dang dong of nursery rhymes and a bright spotlight shining at the ceiling.  The thing is I know this child is exhausted and I’m hoping one of these moments she falls asleep.  It has taken me almost an hour so far to write this post from having to get up every few seconds to help her.  I’m trying to let her cry it out but I know Ryan is trying to work and take client calls.

We were able to get a few hours of quiet while we met with a friend for lunch in SF but that lovely afternoon quickly ended when we got home and took her out of her car seat to discover the largest crapfest I have ever seen.  She managed to soak thru her jeans and car seat and no, it wasn’t urine!  Oh good god – STOP CRYING!!!

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