Thank goodness

As mentioned in the last post, Ryan, Miss O and myself went to Grumpy’s in sf today to have lunch with a friend whom I used to work with at Constellation.  It’s only been a year since I worked in the financial district and I almost forgot how pretentious that area truly is.  Case in point, we walk into Grumpy’s which is a small pub/burger joint – best burgers ever.  We walk in with Olivia and it’s as if all of a sudden conversations come to a screeching hault and everyone stops and turns to look us up and down – like we just walked into a very secret meeting.  We took a seat in the middle of the place and felt all eyes burning on us – obviously, we didn’t belong.

After lunch, we grabbed the stroller and walked over to the Levi’s plaza, where I used to work, to grab a coffee before heading back.  The entire walk over felt so completely uncomfortable – the people just walking in the streets and loitering in the Levi’s Plaza were so uptight and arrogrant and pretentious – the list can really go on and on.  I felt this overwhelming anxiety just being near my previous employer.  I unfortunately had a brief encounter with the PR trolls that left shivers running down my spine and even walking into the Starbucks felt so uncomfortable with all the Levi’s folks staring you up and down.  It hit me like a sudden wave that I am so thankful that I left the corporate world.  I’m not going to lie, I came very close to applying to a job at Levi’s just a couple weeks ago and today’s visit to SF reminded me why I walked away from corporate.  Don’t get me wrong, startups are a totally different animal and I wouldn’t mind entertaining that again down the road but I can breathe a huge sigh of relief that I walked away from a miserable life of cubicles and bad lighting.  Amen, can I get a witness!

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