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So I’m sure most of you have read from Ryan’s blog that the house hunting is under way and I think it’s safe to say that we’re already stressed.  What’s odd is Ryan is stressed about the financials for once and I’m stressed about the location.  We have found the most perfect houses – craftsmanstyle, backs to the vineyard, loft above the detached garage for Ryan – perfect but it’s in Livermore, the southern most part of Livermore.  I enjoy walking to coffee and shopping centers and there just isn’t anything close to these homes in Livermore not to mention the school system in Livermore is shitty – I should know.  We love Dublin and the schools are somewhat better than Livermore but don’t come close to Pleasanton & San Ramon but the homes are less than inspiring and they have no yards.  Plenty of parks and shopping though 🙂  Pleasanton is nice but all the homes in our price range are at least 30+ years old and San Ramon is one giant track housing cluster crap.  I’m just so conflicted because I keep thinking about those houses in Livermore – if only we could move the house to the city of our choice. . . .  We’re meeting with our Realtor on Saturday and I’m not expecting to buy a house and I’m not expecting to be blown away either.  We’ll keep everyone posted.

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  1. If it helps- remember this isn’t the last house you are buying- its just the first. It will never have everything you want but pick the most important things for the next 5 years. trying to manage out further is too overwhelming i think. You will grow to like things you didnt think you would and things about a house you initially love will change too– at least it did for us. maybe livermore is the place for now and in 5 +years when Olivia really gets into school and that is more important- you move and by that time you have more $ for the bigger/better house.

    I have been talking about my next house since the day I signed the papers!

    Good luck!! I think this is far more stressful than getting married or any other big decision I had to make. Wait until you have to go sign the papers!– they really should have cockatils at the table for you to help get thru that 🙂

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