Month 6

Month 6

Holy cow – we’re at 6months already!  Time is flying by so fast that I may have to start planning your first birthday now – I’m thinking something grand, hmmmm, we’ll come back to that.  I’m amazed how much you have grown this past month although I feel this every month.  You’re so close to crawling – your father claims he saw you crawl for the first time last night but I think you were just throwing him a bone – I know you’re saving the “real” crawl for me 🙂  You are blessing us with a whole new sleep schedule that has us waking up at 5am to the sounds of you talking to the nightlight.  I’ve spent many mornings this past month, sitting in the dark praying that you go back to sleep but you’re wide awake, ready to play.

Despite my efforts dressing you like the lovely lady you are, I still have strangers walking up saying “what an adorable boy,” “look at his cute double chin,” or “isn’t he handsome.”  I have had to hold myself back from straight up smacking these folks upside the head.  Yes, you’re wearing jeans most the time but I would think the pink shirt and pink socks and pink bunny on your lap would be a dead giveaway that you’re a girl.  I swear, I’m so close to taping a pink bow to your head.

You’re getting to that wonderful age where you’re actually engaging in things – you laugh at peek-a-boo instead of glaring at me wondering what the hell I’m doing.  While I try to read you a story, you attempt to take the book from my hands and eat it.  You grab my face to kiss me when I put you to bed at night (that’s my personal favorite).  You blow bubbles now when you’re angry so typically you do a half cry, half razz sound.  You love being outside and surprisingly you’re not scared of grass like every other infant I know.  In fact you’re more interested in eating the grass more than anything. 

Here’s to another month kid – I’m looking forward to whatever other surprises you’re going to hurl in my direction.  All I ask is you go easy on me – I bruise like a peach.





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