Month 15

Month 15

Should I be concerned that when you see a bracelet, you instinctively put out your hand?  That’s right, you LOVE jewelry.  I usually take you in to my bedroom with me when I brush my teeth or change my clothes and you always beeline straight to my jewelry box where you pull out every beaded item; shiny, sparkly and colorful.  You haven’t quite figured out how to put on necklaces yet but you can slide on bracelets.  You come running into the bathroom to show me the beautiful item you have adorned on your wrist.  You wear it with such pride and I see the obsession beginning.  Along with your passion for accessorizing, you also have picked up a strange habit of walking around with a (non-functional) PDA and a weekly planner.  In fact, I have seen you get on your rocking lamb when all of a sudden it registers with you that you have left your planner on the couch.  You quickly get down from lambie and grab your planner to immediately get back on because you know, you can’t lose that.  It has important info in there like when you’re going to crap next.

Another feminine trait you are picking up is your love for shoes.  If you find any shoe, you immediately slip your tiny tootsies in them and shuffle around the house.  It really is one of the most adorable things to see you walking around in my flats.  It’s a good thing you don’t know right from left because lately for some unknown reason, I continue to accidentally put your shoes on the wrong feet – I’m amazed you’re not just walking in circles.  Your girly nature continues as you have found a true love with your brush.  You love to have your hair brushed (now that you have hair) and you love to brush anything that has or resembles hair.  I did watch you one day attempt to brush your hair with a cosmetic brush.  It wasn’t until you starting these little habits that I questioned how often I do these things.  Do I really brush my hair that often?  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry nor do I wear shoes that often.  I begin to wonder if these are just prewired things you just do or if I really spend that much time grooming myself.  I must become more aware of this!

We did take you on another quick trip down to San Diego a couple weeks ago for your Uncle Mike & Aunt Michelle’s wedding.  I was absolutely amazed how well you did.  After a brief scare that we wouldn’t be able to even board the plane because we didn’t bring a birth certificate or your immunization card to prove your age, we made it quickly to beautiful sunny southern California.  It was your first time on a boat which scared me a few times.  Walking down a narrow steep flight of stairs while the boat is bobbing while holding you, was enough to leave me nothing short of catatonic.  You managed to endure Cowboy fans on the boat, ugh (you are a good sport) and you managed to not have one meltdown despite being up for 17 hours with only a brief 10 minute nap in my arms.  My biggest fear is we would depart in the open waters and the ceremony would begin and your exhaustion would settle in with nowhere to go.  Let’s just say I knew where the life raft was – always have an exit strategy!

You had your second Christmas which your Father and I got a wee bit carried away.  I think we knew we were in trouble when you showed signs of having enough after the third gift and we had like another 20!  Really, I don’t even think that number is exaggerated.  I think we both forgot you’re only 1 and don’t really care how many gifts you get.  In fact, there were times you weren’t even interested in the gifts but rather the gift wrap and bows.  We will adjust accordingly next time.

You continue to make friends everywhere we go and I’m beginning to think you’re one of the most happiest babies out there.  I think we’re pretty lucky that you’re so darn funny.  Your courtesy laugh is still by far one of the funniest things I have ever seen a child do.  You have such a phony laugh and you toss your head back and then immediately get serious and get right back to business.  You really leave strangers speechless.  You managed to get us invited to a Starbucks employee holiday party but only if I brought you.  Yea, that sounds about right – you really are more interesting.  You have learned to totally ham it up for attention which means going to anything furry and giving it a hug.  We learned this one evening at your Grandma & Grandpa O’Donnell’s house when we spent 20 minutes taking photos of you hugging Toby over and over.  I’m not quite sure you knew exactly what you were doing but you continued your saccharine sweet act while the camera’s flashed.

I type this smiling that you go to bed each night healthy and happy and I smirk a bit when I think of you running around naked before your bath grabbing your belly yelling, RARR RARR RARR.  I’m not quite sure what you’re doing but it’s hilarious and anyone walking around in our neighborhood around 8:30 each night may catch a glimpse of a naked Olivia running up and down the hall.  

Now that you have more toys than a FAO Schwarz, your Father and I are working feverishly to paint upstairs and get your playroom/loft taken care of.  I apologize now if any fumes cause long term damage.  Remember, it was all for you.  Now that the ornaments have been put away and December is now behind us, we’re faced with 2010 and I hope it’s a wonderful year for you.  I guess that’s my responsibility now isn’t it?  Well, I will do my best to continue the good fortune we’ve been enduring Miss O.  




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