Taking Action on Resolution

The resolution has begun as I have purchased one of the classics I will be reading this year.  I have selected the classic, “Wuthering Heights” which Tim immediately asked, “Isn’t that a boring story” and I replied, “aren’t all classics boring?”  My reasoning for selecting this particular story is two-fold; one, it’s the story Phoebe and Rachel were supposed to read in their adult literature class in “Friends” . . . .”the story takes place on like these really creepy moors in England which I think is mirrored in the wildness of Heathcliff’s character.  I totally get symbolism” and two, it has a really pretty cover – don’t you think?  So Penguin Publishing has released limited editions of their classics which may be the true reasoning behind my resolution – I think they would make great decorative pieces :)  I also decided if I’m going to decorate with them, might as well read a little classic literature.  I will dive in to this beauty once I finish the Twilight series.  I know, not my first choice but I’m reading the stories per a friend’s request.  Don’t judge me!



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