Stay-at-home mom salary: $117,856

I read an interesting article today in SF Gate about what a stay-at-home mother would make if in fact she were getting paid. surveyed some 28,000 moms to determine how their days were made up.  These tasks were then compared with paying jobs in the workforce to determine what moms would be paid for their time.  Majority of the salary is due to “overtime.”  On average, a stay-at-home mom puts in a 99 hour work week – that sounds about right.  This study even follows mothers who have a career in addition to being a parent and most of these moms could make an additional $70,000 if they got paid for their work.

I found this article amazing for the obvious reasons but I have often told Ryan that this is by far the most work I have ever done despite having held numerous positions in the workplace.  With every job I ever held, I could always take some kind of break if I needed to get away and of course there was always the time spent bullshitting.  Honestly, I probably only contributed at most a good solid 2-3 hours of work a day on average.  Now, by the time Liv is finally asleep and basic stuff has been finished, I relax on the couch at 9:30pm.  I get a couple hours to myself but pretty much it’s constant.  Now, if only I could find someone to pay me for these services . . . .

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