Month 7, Version 2.0

Month 7, Version 2.0

Dear Miles,

Ok, I’m just going to be blunt – are you planning on crying every minute for the rest of your life?  Are you aware that you are capable of producing other sounds and facial expressions?  Picture this if you please – you can see the same things you see every day, including myself, without the vision clouded up by tears.  Colors are crisp and clean and the world as you know it, suddenly becomes more beautiful.  Sounds good?  Great, THEN STOP CRYING!!  Just when I think we’re entering a good period, you start up again with your needy needy ways.  I thought life might be a little easier once you start rolling because you can work to get toys and you have a little more freedom to move around on your own accord.  Nope.  You log roll all over the place but you continue to cry while log rolling so I constantly here this muffled cry, loud cry, muffled cry, loud cry as you log roll around the living room.  I’m coming to terms with the fact that you are just not a happy individual and you would much rather climb right back in to the womb and spend an eternity in the fetal position. 

I should rephrase that last statement.  You are happy occasionally but only when I’m holding you.  You are one of the biggest Momma’s boy I have ever witnessed.  I’m not going to lie, it feels good to be wanted and loved so much but there are times when I actually say to myself, “come on boy and grow a pair.”  Lucky for you, Olivia acts like a second Mother.  Spoiled is a mild description of you.  Since you and Olivia began sharing a room, I have often witnessed Olivia in the monitor trying to console you when you’re fussing.  I find it adorable but truth is she is probably just as tired of listening to you cry as the rest of the household.  I watch her frantically touching the buttons on your lullaby dog trying to find the right lullaby setting.  When she finds it, she hurls it over the side of the crib aiming for your head.  A little passive agressive but I’ll let it slide.  In the mornings when you begin to fuss, she climbs into your crib and lies alongside you to calm you down.  Most days are incredibly hectic being that you and your sister are young but it’s these little moments I witness that reconfirms that it was ok having you two so close together.

Since time is passing by so fast with you, I often have to remind myself to stop treating you so much like a newborn.  I recently started having you sit up right in the stroller as opposed to cruising around in your car seat.  You appear to have enjoyed this change quite a bit.  Normally you cry 15 minutes in to being in the car seat but I was able to keep you in the stroller for a good hour and a half and didn’t hear one peep from you.  You are also sitting in the shopping cart which has made grocery shopping ten times better except now when Olivia has to use the bathroom half a dozen times in our short trip, I have to take the entire filled grocery cart in to the bathroom.  I vaguely remember the days of entering a store and accomplishing what I set forth to do in fifteen minutes tops.  I have fond memories of running several errands in a day.  Now, grocery shopping takes me around an hour and that is the only errand I can do that day. 

You certainly have your cute features which makes you somewhat manageable.  You have this quirky ability to keep your mouth in a straight line.  I don’t know how else to explain it but you can both smile and frown while keeping your mouth perfectly straight.  Your hair is growing straight up but some how the hair down the middle of your head is a little longer so it looks like you’re rocking a little bit of a faux hawk.  Sometimes you get so excited while sitting that you actually gyrate your body so it looks like you’re having a happy seizure.  You enjoy my singing.  For the last year, I’ve grown accustomed to Olivia yelling at me to “STOP IT!” when I start singing anything.  I was becoming self conscious that my singing was so horrible that it was annoying to a toddler.  A sound so horrific that it was offensive to a 2 year old’s ears!  I know I’m no Chaka Khan but thank you for humoring me.

You are my little partner in crime when we spy on your sister in the video monitor during her naptime and you’re right there on my hip when we bust her out of bed.  You have started to participate in the nightly storytime in Olivia’s tent and it’s typically the rare occasion that both you and Olivia are simultaneously quiet together.  After long and brutal days, I need this moment to know that you two are capable of being normal human beings, even if it’s only for five minutes.  A few minutes is all the confirmation I need.  You’re still a pill and I still have to save you from choking at least twice a day by smacking your back but you’re a cute little thing.  Something extroardinary happens when a woman becomes a Mother because there is no way this shit would fly with any other person.  I only snap on average once a day and given the crap that is dealt out between you and Olivia, I would say that’s pretty good.  I challenge anyone out there who thinks they could handle you two loons better.  Let’s work on the dramatics shall we – you’re a tear away from diving head first in to the emo culture.  There’s not enough booze on the planet to get me through that.





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