I’m Bringing Fanny Back

I’m Bringing Fanny Back


Why wasn’t I informed that the fanny pack was making a comeback?! Companies are disguising them as belt bags and hip bags but they’re the same glorious bag that they ever were. I had a fantastically large fanny pack back in the day that was passed down to me from my dad who received the tchotchke from a computer conference. Not only was the bag gigantic compared to my skinny little body but the item itself was made of shiny pleather with some technology company’s name blasted on the front. I was a vision of fashion misfortune but the bag itself was very practical. I LOVED that bag! Where else could I hold my cash and Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers?

My teenage years were not kind to me.

When Olivia and Miles were babies, I often wished I still had that fanny pack (or that they were at least still cool)–how lovely it would have been to have emergency essentials on my being to free up my hands and shoulders.

We can rejoice because the elusive fanny pack has returned and it’s better, cooler, and smaller than ever. I’m bringing it back and I vow to do it right this time.

There are a lot of options out there–choose wisely or you could look like the awkward version of me. Oh, the horror!


1. Herschel Supply Co. | 2. Toms Jetset Hip Pack | 3. Thai Artist Collective | 4. Vere Verto Fio Convertible Belt Bag | 5. Tory Burch Leather Belt Bag | 6. Dulzet Vintage | 7. Rocks and Salt Ochre Belt Bag | 8. Mocha Bags

Top Images 1. Herschel Supply Co., Seventeen Hip Pack | 2. Herschel Supply Co., Eighteen Hip Pack

4 responses to “I’m Bringing Fanny Back”

  1. LOL… oh, hell no. I hate it so it must be fashionable and trendy… Honestly, if I was sporting a “belt bag” would you still hold my hand walking down the street?

  2. This is such great news! I have been holding onto mine because I knew this day would come! Surprised it took so long.

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