Month 4

Month 4


Oh Lordy, 4 months is here.  I write this as a little sleep deprivation is starting to settle in.  You are developing quite the little personality and I’m already seeing early signs of manipulative crying.  Yea, you know what I’m talking about.  You start screaming your head off and for a brief instant you smile like “ha, I got these ol saps wrapped around my finger already – damn this shit is easy!”  This has been so far the hardest month yet.  I knew we were in trouble when you were so well-behaved the first couple months.  Something kept telling me this is way too easy to be fair and we’ve recently got a taste of your potential.

One of the major milestones you have reached and the source of our headaches and sleepless nights is you learning to roll over.  We have spent many countless days enforcing baby bootcamp to encourage “tummy time” and teacing you how to roll over.  We were ecstatic when both your father and I were able to witness you grab your dolly, kick your legs up, and roll to the left and voila! you were on your stomach.  You sat there for a moment with a look on your face like “what the hell did I just do?”  We gave you some time on your stomach and then you started having a meltdown so we turned you back over on your back.  The legs went up again and you rolled over again. . . .and then another meltdown.  What first turned into a lovely moment of your father and I enjoying one of your first milestones turned to, goddamnit – will this kid stop rolling over already!  What’s even more precious is you getting your legs stuck in the slats in the crib since we can’t have a crib bumper – thanks SIDS!  I wake up several times during the night scared to death that I’m going to find your face smashed into the mattress not breathing.  I would get you familiar to sleeping on your stomach but again we can’t – thanks SIDS – your contribution to raising a child is limitless!!!  In case you’re not familiar with SIDS – it stands for sudden infant death syndrome and since nobody knows what causes it, it’s basically a laundry list for parents of what not to do with your child.  It’s a wonderful scare tactic – I’ll tell you that.  The underlying theme with SIDS is you better follow the entire list or your child will die unexpectedly – isn’t that lovely?

You’re definitely more responsive now – you laugh and smile more which is wonderful because we don’t feel like we’re walking around with a breathing lump.  I take you out almost everyday to give my wrists a break from carrying you around – I swear you’re going to give me carpal tunnel.  I love the fact that you already love running errands – you at least make that part very easy.  As part of princess-in-training, you get a bubble bath every night although I’m going to have to nix the bubbles since you started eating them tonight.  You have amazingly random moments like today for instance, I was lying next to you on the couch and you turned to me and latched on to my cheek.  I thought it was adorable thinking, aww, she’s kissing me.  I go into the bathroom later to discover you gave me a very well-defined hickey on my face.  I know your father would not approve of you already giving hickies at 4 months of age.

So 4 months is already here.  I look forward to the randomness you throw our way in the future.  You surely keep us on our toes already.




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