Month 7

Month 7

Should I be worried that you’re less than 6 months away from your first birthday???  Do I really need to start planning your birthday party festivities already?  I’m thinking jello shots and a bouncy house because let’s be honest, you still won’t have a clue what’s going on and even though you’ll get a ton of gifts, you will only be interested in the warning tag that hangs off the toy. 

You are truly becoming a momma’s girl – I think you’re the only 7 month old baby with 3 bathing suits and flip flops but hey, that’s the kind of family you belong to.  You will be a Coppertone baby yet!  I find it absolutely adorable that your father picked out a bathing suit with a skirt to cover your upper thigh – oh my child, you will have a tough time when you’re a teenager.

You have reached a few milestones recently which brought tears to my eyes – I don’t know why every time something major happens, I suddenly envision you leaving home, getting married, having children and so on.  Seriously, you sat upright by yourself for 20 minutes and suddenly I picture you in your wedding gown.  What the hell is wrong with me!  I’m sorry to say but hormones or something is getting the best of me.  Sadly I won’t be allowed to any public events involving you because I will be curled up in the fetal position rocking myself back and forth while holding your first tooth screaming, WHY GOD WHY??  How about learning self control will be the new thing I do this year.  I swear I will try really hard not to be “clingy.”

Besides sitting up by yourself, we have also noticed a wee little pearly white popping through and wait, what is that?  Oh yea, another tooth is popping through as well.  You couldn’t just take it slow and let one tooth come in – no, no – we’re just going to rip the band-aid right off.  Maybe the tears I shed weren’t tears of joy but tears of fear.  I’ve heard the horror of a child teething with one tooth but two?  That’s got to be armageddon or something.

You went to your first music festival and you allowed a few hippies to touch your feet – don’t worry, I didn’t let the dirty ones touch you. Being that you were at your first music festival with hippies also brought your first whiff of a certain green herb which I will call oregano.  Being that I’m your mother I’m going to lay it out now – I don’t approve of you using oregano but if you do, use it discreetly 🙂

You laugh at me when I do a british accent although it’s not really a british accent per se but more of a Sharon Osbourne sound alike.  You crazy child – of course you enjoy my Sharon Osbourne impression – why wouldn’t you?  It’s awesome.

You’re becoming such an awesome little person and I love all the wonderful quirky attributes you’re developing.  Stay classy my child.




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