Hats, Hats Galore

I’ve developed a habit – while out with Olivia, I put random hats on her head and shamelessly make impromptu photo shoots in the middle of stores.  It typically involves me discovering some heinous or ridiculously adorable item to put on her head.  With one hand, I fumble for my phone while I use the other hand to keep the item on her head.  By this time, we begin to draw a small crowd of peope around us who ooh and ah.  Liv has learned to accept these moments – she gives me a disappointed look as if she’s telling me that these embarrassing moments will wreak havoc on me in her teens – I see revenge building in her beady little eyes.  This much may be true but I have the evidence to haunt her for a lifetime.  I’m sure her therapist will get a kick out of these photos one day.


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