Month 13

Month 13

I managed to take a few minutes from frantically scanning the pages of my book, “What to Expect: The Toddler Years, to explain to you the great anguish you have been causing me these past few weeks.  You have managed to scream at an octave I didn’t know was humanly possible and you have such hatred towards Spaghetti O’s that I often scratch my head in wonderment asking myself – is this the day your head will explode? 

After much anticipation and planning, we took our first flight – across the US no less and it went off pretty much without a hitch.  We did have a minor incident when the flight attendant refused me access to the loo to change your diaper because the seatbelt light was on so you stayed in a wet diaper for the duration of the flight.  Other than that, you had no outbursts and I didn’t have to walk you up and down the aisle as I feared I would.  In fact many people responded with surprise when they realized a toddler was sitting in front of them.  What people don’t understand is that I work very hard so that people don’t realize a child is sitting in front of them.  I have to strategically plan toy allocation including new and tried and true toys.  Snacks are also planned to a science – packing a significant amount so that you don’t get hungry but not too full.  Variety of snacks is of complete importance – lack thereof could prove catastrophic.  The liquids need to be prepared ever so effortlessly so you don’t see it but it’s readily available for take off and descent.  By the time the weekend was over, I was exhausted!  I felt like I was a part of special forces unit and my main objective was to keep America’s number one fugitive at bay while in transit.  I was prepared to taser my detainee if she got all riled up and on the flip side, I was ready to take any civilians out if they got too close.  Let’s just say, that difficult stewardess came very close to a takedown.

Continuing the trend of firsts, you have also begun to have play dates with the little man named Merrik.  It’s quite interesting watching you play with another fella the same age as you and in many ways puts into perspective that your own child isn’t as bad as you think.  I’m not saying Merrik is bad but he’s a handful.  Olivia’s outbursts sound reminiscent of church prayers next to the bellow of a male toddler.  My point is I’m hoping for another girl the next time around.

Despite your protests against Spaghetti O’s and cold milk, you do have an amazingly sweet side.  You do this little thing where you walk up behind me when I’m on the floor and you put your tiny hands around my neck and turn your head around mine to look at me.  You give me this wonderful smirk that makes my heart melt.  I would seriously give you anything you want if you could talk to me at this exact moment.  Other times you wrap your arms around me and rest your head on my back and let out this adorable little sigh.  It’s moments like these that I’m the happiest and I wonder what meaning my life had before these moments.  It’s these moments that I shelve my thoughts of whether I’m raising you correctly or comparing your developmental milestones to other kids your age.  At this moment I see a child who is healthy and content and I can’t help but feel immense pride that I have brought you to this point.  If I can continue this feeling for as long as you live then I will consider my life a success.  Love you O-bear

Love, Momma


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