My life according to the camera

My life according to the camera




What have we been up to??

Besides spoiling our Corgi, Fabrizio, rotten with lots of walks, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with cotton candy bigger than our heads, numerous trips to the library and a discovery of an awesome place called Studio Grow.  We went here for a birthday party and the kids had such a good time playing with everything from toy lizards to blocks to the little roller coaster.  Which, might I add, took everything I had to keep myself from jumping on it and going for a ride.

Olivia earned another ribbon in swim class advancing her to the level where she will now learn arm strokes.  Again, I was the loudest parent in the waiting room when she passed her test.  Not to be outdone, Olivia spent the remaining fifteen minutes of her class jumping up and down proclaiming “I DID IT! I DID IT!”

I discovered Ryan is quite handy with a saw – building a monster planter box for me.  Although, the final product eerily resembles a coffin – not sure if this was Ryan’s subconscious taking revenge upon me for asking him to tackle this large feat. 

The weather remains cold and gloomy which means this California girl needs to pack up in search of some sunshine.  Any suggestions for a road trip??


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