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  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever

    I’ve been incredibly inspired lately by pictures of cabins, particularly cabins in desolate settings. The tranquility and sereneness depicted in these pictures bring a calmness to me that is often necessary when the littles start screaming their nonsense at me. Oh, to be in a tiny red cabin with nothing but nature all around is […]

  • Fourth of July

    Fourth of July

    I love fireworks, friends, family and adult beverages┬áso naturally I love the fourth of July. In years past, I would force Ryan to drive aimlessly with me in an effort to find the best spot to view fireworks. I would become disgruntled when I would realize┬ámy view was cut off by some line of trees […]

  • Month 79

    Month 79

    Dear Olivia, As you get older, friends are becoming much more important and prominent in your day-to-day activities. This is normal and expected but I really struggle with other people’s children. Majority of the kids I meet are bossy or are downright moody. I have my own struggles–I don’t need to tolerate any more children […]

  • Shout Out

    I would like to send a warm shout out to Rose who sent me the most wonderful and thoughtful card letting me know that she reads my blog and finds it helpful with her situation.  It was so incredibly sweet of you and remember that it takes all kinds of mothers to make the world […]