Fourth of July

Fourth of July

I love fireworks, friends, family and adult beverages so naturally I love the fourth of July. In years past, I would force Ryan to drive aimlessly with me in an effort to find the best spot to view fireworks. I would become disgruntled when I would realize my view was cut off by some line of trees or houses and Ryan would roll his eyes at the absurd situation that he found himself in. Thankfully, we live in a city that still allows fireworks so the need to drive around is no longer necessary. We also have pretty awesome neighbors who like to party and thus the Shapleigh Court block party was born.

It’s pretty much just what I imagined a fourth of July celebration should be: family, friends, beer, food, games, lots and lots of fireworks (yay!) and all in the comfort of my own front yard.





Olivia and her friend, Eleanor, set up a lemonade stand at the front of our blocked off court in an attempt to shake down guests as they entered the party (very American) and Miles tried to steal the girl’s profits despite not doing anything (very very American).

Lemonade, anyone?

Ryan and I were able to just sit back and enjoy thanks to the copious amounts of children who self-entertain and self-regulate in large numbers. One has little to fear when children travel in herds.

We finished the celebration with a giant fireworks display that resulted in very tired grandparents, delirious children and one corgi by the name of Fabrizio that tried to make a run for it.

Standing in flip-flops among 30 kids with sparklers is not where you want to be–just saying.
Ryan couldn’t pass out sparklers fast enough



And so the show begins…






After the firework remains were cleaned up, food was packed away and dogs were safely returned to their homes, we checked off another item on our Summer of Awesome and fell asleep feeling pretty fortunate for awesome days like these.



Hope you all had a happy holiday weekend and hopefully were able to check something off your summer bucket list!

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