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  • Happy Father’s Day Part 2

    Happy Father’s Day Part 2

    And of course to the love of my life, Ryan.  You are an amazing Father.  You have had your fair share of frustrations and tears but I see the way Olivia looks at you and it is pure love and admiration.  You can make her laugh harder than anyone else and I know for a […]

  • Happy Father’s Day Part 1

    Happy Father’s Day Part 1

    Dad, you have showed me that one person is capable of displaying an immense amount of patience and love.  Patience is something I struggle with each day with Olivia and Miles and I often think back and wonder how you did it.  I recall one late evening when I was around nine years old, I […]

  • O’Donnell Cup

    Yesterday at the Alameda Flea Market, Ryan and I purchased a little treasure we have coined the O’Donnell Cup.  I’m not fully aware how one will acquire this beauty but I sense drinking will be involved, perhaps some shouting, shoving and hair-pulling.  People will feel victorious, tears will be shed, babies will be kissed – […]