Happy Father’s Day Part 2

Happy Father’s Day Part 2

And of course to the love of my life, Ryan.  You are an amazing Father.  You have had your fair share of frustrations and tears but I see the way Olivia looks at you and it is pure love and admiration.  You can make her laugh harder than anyone else and I know for a fact, there is no other person she would prefer to dance with more than you.  Miles is coming in to his own but I know he will have the best role model in you.  You are passionate and devoted. Besides, who else could teach them a fist bump with explosion with more enthusiasm than you?

I know you struggle with a balance between work and parenthood but our children know that you love them unconditionally and that’s all I could ask for.  I know I don’t say it nearly enough that you are a wonderful Father and our children and myself are dearly lucky to have you.  Happy Father’s Day my love.

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