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  • 2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

    2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

    I’ve been receiving emails for a couple weeks now alerting me about Mother’s Day and all the while I kept thinking to myself, why am I receiving these emails already? Mother’s Day is weeks out. Come to find out, Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away (May 8th, to be exact)! If you have failed […]

  • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

    What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

    DISCLAIMER: I’ve had a lot of coffee today and sometimes my thoughts are faster than my typing ability so there might an overabundance of rambling in this post. 

  • Happy Camper

    Happy Camper

    Ryan and I came dangerously close to purchasing a trailer yesterday and by some power unknown to us, we somehow managed to talk ourselves out of it…for now.

  • For the young space explorers

    For the young space explorers

    I have a space fanatic on my hands and it’s wonderful. There are times Olivia traipses around the house in her pink plastic heels and comments how she wants to wear makeup and get married to all the boys and I roll my eyes for fear my baby girl will become a teenage prostitute–common fear for […]

  • Art School is in Session

    Art School is in Session

    Olivia has always been interested in art. Since she was a toddler, she walked around with fists full of broken crayons, ready to pounce on any sheet of paper lying around. To this day, she is always within arm’s reach of something that allows her to be creative when the moment strikes.

  • Can’t Handle the Cuteness

    Can’t Handle the Cuteness

    I recently discovered Elise Vaughn and her shop, The Brass Razoo, on Instagram and she designs and hand sews(!) all of these adorably unique garments for girls. She’s a one woman show with limited inventory so her garments sell out fast and rightfully so. All I know is these pieces are doing nothing to quell […]

  • Pound That Grape

    Pound That Grape

    I’m working once again in the wine industry (something I’ll talk about at a later time) and I can sadly say that in the seven years since my last wine industry stint, not much has changed in terms of how wine is marketed. Sadly, companies still resort to safe and conservative methods which in my eyes, […]

  • Space Exploration

    Olivia is my little space explorer–always telling me facts about the planets, pointing out the Big Dipper to me in the night sky, reminding me that the sun is in fact a star. She loves the subject of space and even convinced her teachers at school to make space the unit of study for the […]

  • Darling

    Quick, somebody hand me their baby girl so I can dress them up in these adorable accessories. Seriously, why couldn’t I have had these available to me when Olivia was a baby? Sure, I could attempt to make her wear them now but she is rather opinionated and has learned from a young age to […]