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#ostockdamhagen16 Part 5: Copenhagen

After the amazing week we had in Amsterdam, we said our farewells and departed for Copenhagen. We had another late flight but we remembered the Amsterdam airport having plenty to do so we decided to arrive a bit early and to do a little last minute souvenir hunting. By this time, my head cold was killing me so I was hopeful I would be able to find some much needed relief from a pharmacy or other drugstore type store in the airport.

I did find a drugstore but unfortunately, everything was in Dutch. I asked the employee for help and unlike the all purpose symptom medicine we have here in America, all I could find was a pill or a nasal spray that treated each symptom. Somehow I ended up with a box of 64 pills for a cough (that I didn’t even have)–a pill that I had to take every 2 hours! Since we were really only planning to be in Copenhagen for one full day, I decided just to do my best to push through and enjoy myself the best I could.

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2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

I’ve been receiving emails for a couple weeks now alerting me about Mother’s Day and all the while I kept thinking to myself, why am I receiving these emails already? Mother’s Day is weeks out. Come to find out, Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away (May 8th, to be exact)!

If you have failed to realize how quickly Mother’s Day is approaching, like myself, and find yourself without gift ideas, search no further. I’ve rounded up 11 sweet items for The Big Kahuna, The Queen Bee, The Mother of all Mothers, the…well, you get it. Continue Reading

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#ostockdamhagen16 Part 2: Amsterdam

Amsterdam, I have all the heart eyes for you. After seeing countless photos of all the beautiful canal houses and reading all about the wonderful things the city had to offer, I was beyond excited for the time we planned to spend there. I will miss the expressions people would make when I told them our plans of taking the children on a family vacation to what many consider to be an inappropriate destination for kids. Sure, Amsterdam is known for its XXX offerings but I also read what a family-friendly city it was and I’m happy to report, it really truly was. Continue Reading

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#ostockdamhagen16 Part 1: Stockholm

I had the greatest of intentions to blog while we were traveling on our whirlwind Scandinavian trek but failed completely. We returned a couple days ago and after recovering from some of the worst jet lag I have ever experienced, I’m ready to share with you all the wonderful/crazy/stressful/exciting details of our journey. Continue Reading

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Cabin Fever

I’ve been incredibly inspired lately by pictures of cabins, particularly cabins in desolate settings. The tranquility and sereneness depicted in these pictures bring a calmness to me that is often necessary when the littles start screaming their nonsense at me. Oh, to be in a tiny red cabin with nothing but nature all around is something my heart yearns for on most days. That’s why when a friend invited me to join her and a few other ladies for a child/spouse-free weekend at her sister’s cabin, I jumped at the opportunity. Continue Reading