Dads Like Cards Too

Dads Like Cards Too

In a time when everything is digital, I still appreciate the handwritten card. So much so, that I’ve kept roughly 90% of the cards I have received in my lifetime. The other 10% have been snatched and destroyed by the little folk who live with me.

There are so many awesomely brilliant companies out there producing little design masterpieces that they really shouldn’t be saved for holidays alone. I, for one, would like to receive cards on a weekly basis *hint, hint. While I wait patiently for my snail mail, you can get a jump-start on Father’s Day festivities by celebrating the special men in your lives with these beauts:



1. Hello!Lucky  |  2. Wolf & Wren  |  3. Amy Heitman  |  4. Stormy Knight  |  5. Egg Press  |  6. Crafty Lemon Prints  |  7. Moglea  |  8. Red Cap Cards  |  9. Sable & Gray

*Top Image: Idlewild Co.


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