My sincere apologies to those that I offended with my recent blog post. My intent with this blog was never to hurt anyone’s feelings with the exception of guilt-riddled rants directed towards my children (I kid, I kid). Do I purposely go out of my way to belittle children? No. My own? Depends on the day. My intent has and will always be to give an honest perspective of my children’s lives including relationships that they share with others. Are the stories always pretty? No. Am I always politically correct? Good god no. Am I a clueless parent with confrontation problems and a slight drinking problem? Shit yea!

I crossed a line yesterday and I acknowledge my wrongdoing and will refrain from using real names in the future to protect non-willing participant’s privacy. I would be lying if I said I will never talk about another child again because daily interactions and exchange of words are inevitable and play huge parts in my children’s lives. I will however use a pseudo-name of Regina Falange because she is my spirit animal and no matter the situation, is always a funny name to say aloud.

I hope to those that were offended accept my apology and understand nobody is perfect especially moi. I’m not a troll who sits at my desk and seeks out ways to demean children. On the contrary, children confuse me a great deal and more times than not, my blog is in many forms therapy for me to work out feelings and thoughts that I have. We move forward from here and you’re free to continue reading if you desire. Hopefully it’s for pleasure and not for anxiety over anticipating if your child is on the chopping block. Onwards and upwards we go.


Non-troll/child slanderer

Yes-socially awkward, coping parent

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