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  • Land’s End Hiking Adventure

    Land’s End Hiking Adventure

    To those who follow my Instagram, know that we are busy folks. We can’t sit still and when we do have a free moment, we’re usually out exploring. Early last year, we discovered a love for hiking. It came at a time when we were cost-conscious (still are) and were looking for activities we could […]

  • Farewell 2016

    As I reflect on 2016, I see a year filled with so many adventures. We took our first family trip to Europe, discovered a passion of hiking, continued our love affair with water and embarked on countless other adventures. This family has a really difficult time sitting still so I’m fairly certain 2017 will be just […]

  • Month 71 & 72, Version 2.0

    Month 71 & 72, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I’m currently sitting alone in the kitchen basking in the glorious quiet that is currently enveloping the household. I do not hear siblings fighting. I do not hear the request for another snack. I’m not being berated with question after question about everything under the sun. The quietness feels so foreign to me but […]

  • 2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

    2016 Momma’s Day Gift Guide

    I’ve been receiving emails for a couple weeks now alerting me about Mother’s Day and all the while I kept thinking to myself, why am I receiving these emails already? Mother’s Day is weeks out. Come to find out, Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away (May 8th, to be exact)! If you have failed […]

  • Road Trippin’ Part 2

    Road Trippin’ Part 2

    The real reason for this road trip was to visit a very dear friend of mine whom I have known since we were ten years old. Our relationship has always survived on long distance as we’ve never lived within the vicinity of one another for more than a year. Quite impressive when you think about […]

  • The O’Donnells Take On the Fair

    The O’Donnells Take On the Fair

    The Summer of Awesome is moving along (much faster than I anticipated) and an absolute activity for any summer is a trip to the Alameda County Fair. Every year I’m reminded how dirty and expensive the fair is but nonetheless, I find myself year after year looking forward to it.

  • Fourth of July

    Fourth of July

    I love fireworks, friends, family and adult beverages so naturally I love the fourth of July. In years past, I would force Ryan to drive aimlessly with me in an effort to find the best spot to view fireworks. I would become disgruntled when I would realize my view was cut off by some line of trees […]

  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day

    We’re pretty lucky to have this guy around. He tolerates the crazy, the emotional, and the compulsive and most of the time he does it with a smile (the other times he disappears into the office with the door closed). Understandable. Olivia and Miles are pretty awesome kids and I owe a lot of that […]

  • Happy Birthday, Dad