Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

We’re pretty lucky to have this guy around. He tolerates the crazy, the emotional, and the compulsive and most of the time he does it with a smile (the other times he disappears into the office with the door closed). Understandable. Olivia and Miles are pretty awesome kids and I owe a lot of that to Ryan.

He gives the best voices to the kid’s stuffed animals, can fix almost any toy (sorry Rex play figurine from Toy Story–you’re the exception) and can provide “dad strength” at any given time.

Our kids are fluent in wine terminology, have favorite varietals and know how to perform a punch-down–all skills that I consider to be of utmost importance.

I love watching Olivia and Miles look at him with so much love and admiration. He gives us so much and in return, asks for so little.

You’re the rock in our crazy life and we love and appreciate you every day. Happy Father’s Day, my love.





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  1. That’s kind of you to say but I’m only as good as the woman who supports me. Love you babes and the crazy life we lead.

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