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  • One day. . . .

    One day. . . .
  • Where the Party People At?

  • O’Donnell Cup

    Yesterday at the Alameda Flea Market, Ryan and I purchased a little treasure we have coined the O’Donnell Cup.  I’m not fully aware how one will acquire this beauty but I sense drinking will be involved, perhaps some shouting, shoving and hair-pulling.  People will feel victorious, tears will be shed, babies will be kissed – […]

  • Almost makes me wish I still worked in a cubicle. I said almost

    For this blogger’s husband’s birthday, she borrowed her friend’s bear costume and boom box and hired a break dancer off craigslist to surprise him at work.  Damn, I wish I would have thought of that.

  • Where have I been??

    I know I know, I was doing so good at first with the posts and all of a sudden, life got crazy!  Olivia hardly takes a nap at all during the day and still can’t sit up so I have to entertain her while she’s awake or she has a meltdown.  I haven’t even read […]

  • House Hunting

    So I’m sure most of you have read from Ryan’s blog that the house hunting is under way and I think it’s safe to say that we’re already stressed.  What’s odd is Ryan is stressed about the financials for once and I’m stressed about the location.  We have found the most perfect houses – craftsmanstyle, […]

  • Where Have I Been?

    I know I’ve been M.I.A. on here for awhile – I blame the child!  Just when you sigh a big breath of relief thinking you have succeeded in creating a schedule, she goes and changes it.  These last couple weeks have been crazy!  She’s awake alot longer and that means nothing gets done.  I woke […]

  • Worst Nightmare

    I’ve had this reoccuring nightmare since the day I found out I was pregnant that my child would have a meltdown in public and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it and everyone around me would be glaring at me with judgemental eyes.  Unfortunately, part of this dream came true this evening.  Ryan […]

  • Tales from the gym

    I’ve been going to the same gym for a year now and it’s a pretty posh place.  I decided to pay a little extra for a nice new gym because it’s a heck of alot more motivating to go work out at a nice place vs an old sad run down facility with geriatrics teaching […]