Category: Life

  • Thank goodness

    As mentioned in the last post, Ryan, Miss O and myself went to Grumpy’s in sf today to have lunch with a friend whom I used to work with at Constellation.  It’s only been a year since I worked in the financial district and I almost forgot how pretentious that area truly is.  Case in […]

  • Honeymoon over

    Ryan and I were truly blessed these first few months with Miss O.  While all of our friends were complaining about not sleeping and the baby trouble they were experiencing, we were sitting back and smiling because Olivia started sleeping thru the night relatively quickly.  She had her moments of fussiness but we could always […]

  • House Hunting

    So as many of you know, Ryan and I are hoping to buy a house sometime this year – maybe around Summer depending how taxes go. We looked at 2 sets of new homes in Dublin this past weekend and in doing so, forced me to think what it is I really want. We both […]

  • Hello Lovelies – Let’s Try This Again

    I know, I know – you’re probably thinking to yourself, am I really attempting to do this again after the first try went down in flames? It’s true that I got thru maybe 2 or 3 posts before I jumped ship but I think this go around will be different. Now that I’m home full […]