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  • Month 132, Version 2.0

    Month 132, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I would like to personally thank you for the gray hairs on my head that are most certainly your doing. The crease lines on my forehead? Definitely you. I realized at some point this year that I often scrunch up my face and give you a quizzical expression when you’re talking. You talk a […]

  • Month 120, Version 2.0

    Month 120, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, The year of double digits! Also, the year I would happily take a parallel universe in exchange for the one we’re currently living in because shit must be better over there. This is a bizarre year and you’ve been on a wave of emotion since the first day of the shutdown. You’ve been […]

  • Month 108, Version 2.0

    Month 108, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Life has been a blur since your arrival nine years ago. You’ve been on the run from the age of 9 months when you took your first steps and you haven’t slowed down since. I’ve been spending this entire time trying to keep up with you knowing very well that my energy level is nowhere […]

  • Month 84 (and 81 – 83), Version 2.0 Birthday Edition

    Month 84 (and 81 – 83), Version 2.0 Birthday Edition

    Dear Miles, It’s your birthday which means I fall into a depressing state as I remember your days of yesteryear and the tiny little bundle of angst you were. 7 years you torpedoed into our lives and you’ve been barreling through life ever since. You are an animated, loving, charismatic creature which is far from the […]

  • Month 77 – 80, Version 2.0, Kindergarten Graduation Edition

    Month 77 – 80, Version 2.0, Kindergarten Graduation Edition

    Dear Miles, Today you will be a kindergarten graduate and I am feeling an overwhelming rush of emotions. I picture you as the toddler that you were, barely able to speak coherent words. The years we invested in speech therapy for you–spending countless time at home teaching you the sound of letters, pointing to words, enunciating everything, forcing […]

  • Month 75 & 76, Version 2.0

    Month 75 & 76, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I’m not going to lie, I am a very competitive person. I like winning in everything. Unfortunately, this umbrella of winning includes you and Olivia. I like successes and this includes yours and Olivia’s endeavors. Whether in sports, academics or milestones, I want you and Olivia to succeed at it all. I want […]

  • Month 73 & 74, Version 2.0

    Month 73 & 74, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I don’t even know where to begin with you. You’re only six years old and your personality is bigger than some adults I know. You are very charismatic and say things that leave me without words. You say things that make me just look at you and laugh out loud. For instance, I’ll […]

  • Month 71 & 72, Version 2.0

    Month 71 & 72, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I’m currently sitting alone in the kitchen basking in the glorious quiet that is currently enveloping the household. I do not hear siblings fighting. I do not hear the request for another snack. I’m not being berated with question after question about everything under the sun. The quietness feels so foreign to me but […]

  • Month 69 & 70, Version 2.0

    Month 69 & 70, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, You’re officially in kindergarten! This should feel like a bigger milestone but I feel a bit robbed since you went to developmental kindergarten or also referred to as DKA or TK or my personal favorite, freedom. Last year felt like the big milestone because you transitioned from preschool a couple days a week […]