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  • Month 8, Version 2.0

    Month 8, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, We are in the middle of an Olivia-free week and I hate to say it out of pure guilt but it has been really nice.  I mean really REALLY nice.  All this time I thought you were the reason I was crazy bone tired at the end of the night but it appears […]

  • Month 7, Version 2.0

    Month 7, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Ok, I’m just going to be blunt – are you planning on crying every minute for the rest of your life?  Are you aware that you are capable of producing other sounds and facial expressions?  Picture this if you please – you can see the same things you see every day, including myself, […]

  • Month 6, Version 2.0

    Month 6, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Miles, Miles, Miles.  Where should I begin?  You are an adorable little pill.  I find myself so incredibly busy with you that time literally flies by.  Time is moving so fast that occasionally I look at you and think, “my goodness, when did my little boy grow up?”  I get so caught up […]

  • Month 5, Version 2.0

    Month 5, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, I’m still on a high over the fact that you only woke up once last night.  If I currently weren’t sick as a dog, I would probably be doing cartwheels right here in the living room as I type this.  I will settle for a vocal woohoo in to my Kleenex.  This past […]

  • Month 4, Version 2.0

    Month 4, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, We have started the glory that is sleep training.  Let me be clear – I am not a fan of sleep training.  I think this Ferber guy who invented ferberizing is a Masochist.  Sleep training is essentially letting you cry yourself to sleep and eventually you will learn that crying will not get […]

  • Disgruntled AT&T customer

    Disgruntled AT&T customer

    Over the past several months, Olivia and Miles have watched me develop a tumultuous relationship with my IPhone.  Due to corrupt software and horrible service, my IPhone often craps out leading me to make various facial expressions in an attempt to keep certain words and phrases under my breath.  You could imagine my excitement when […]

  • Month 3, Version 2.0

    Month 3, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Listen, we need to have a little heart-to-heart.  Your crying is becoming a little bit of an issue over here.  I myself am quite used to it and have no problem tuning it out.  Your Father on the other hand is ready to leave you on the street corner.  You really need to […]

  • Month 2, Version 2.0

    Month 2, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Man oh man, I forget how needy newborns are.  Geesh, always crying and wanting something.  Who do you think you are – a Kardashian?  You don’t know who that is and you’re a smarter person for not knowing.  I give you some credit because you are sleeping at night – it’s just the […]

  • Month 1, Version 2.0

    Month 1, Version 2.0

    Dear Miles, Let me first start off by welcoming you to the family.  We’re a little nuts, a little intoxicated, and a little loud.  I hope the experience thus far has been positive.  I often see the same disinterested glazed look in your eyes which makes me second guess whether you’re digging this whole deal.  […]