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  • Month 80

    Month 80

    Dear Olivia, My darling, it’s unfortunate that I must report that you’ve inherited the extreme sensitivity gene that runs rampant amongst the women on my side of the family. Yes, you will find yourself taking words out of context and yes, you will find yourself getting emotional for no good reason whatsoever. Take for instance the […]

  • Month 79

    Month 79

    Dear Olivia, As you get older, friends are becoming much more important and prominent in your day-to-day activities. This is normal and expected but I really struggle with other people’s children. Majority of the kids I meet are bossy or are downright moody. I have my own struggles–I don’t need to tolerate any more children […]

  • Month 77 & 78

    Month 77 & 78

    Dear Olivia, Learning that you’re pregnant with your first child brings about a roller coaster of emotion. One can never fully be ready for the amount of change that will come hurling in to your life and for the most part, you just have to give in to the notion that you will have no […]

  • Month 76

    Month 76

    Dear Olivia, Every now and then I come across a video of you and Miles that makes it hard to believe that you both were anything but older sassy-mouthed children.  In this particular video, you must be around three years old and holy cow, you were adorable.  Between the soft baby curls, the child lisp […]

  • Month 74 & 75

    Month 74 & 75

    Dear Olivia, These past couple months have been such a blur between the holidays, school, extracurricular activities and working.  My apologies that my default response to you asking, Mom is WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?! USE YOUR WORDS! WHIOHIFKEFKLJA!  I’ve been a little overwhelmed with things lately but it’s a new year.  A chance to start fresh.  I […]

  • Month 73

    Month 73

    Dear Olivia, When Halloween was approaching and costume catalogs started rolling in, I was certain you were going to declare that you would be Elsa for the big day.  I look back on Halloween with fondness, longing for the days when I could dress you and Miles up in adorably embarrassing costumes but you quickly […]

  • Month 72

    Month 72

    Dear Olivia, Last month you were debilitated with the fear of your loose tooth–would you swallow the tooth in your sleep and choke on it or would it somehow make its way to your belly where it would sit and grow in to a behemoth life form?  Every night before bed was spent reassuring you […]

  • Month 71

    Month 71

    Dear Olivia, This month has brought so many changes that my heart just aches thinking about them.  Changes that remind me that you’re growing up so fast and the little kid you once were, is now replaced by this tall, sarcastic, intelligent lady.  Kindergarten was something I was dreading since the day you started preschool […]

  • Month 70

    Month 70

    Dear Olivia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a very observant and very honest child.  Most children are brutally honest and are perfectly capable of pointing out flaws without even a breath of concern for someone’s feelings.  I’m actually quite jealous of your ability to bluntly say how you […]