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  • Month 60

    Month 60

    Dear Olivia, Five years old. I sat down to write this post to you earlier but I really needed some time to let this marinate a bit.  Five doesn’t seem like a big milestone in the grand scheme of things; it’s no 16 or 21 but it’s a huge transition from baby to big kid. […]

  • Month 59

    Month 59

    Dear Olivia, You have just completed your first week at your new preschool and as much as I was worried about transitioning you to a new school, you once again proved that I was being a ball of anxiety for nothing. You were fine – no tear-filled goodbyes or requests to stay home from school. […]

  • Month 57 and 58

    Month 57 and 58

    Dear Olivia, There will be moments in life where you will feel like life is vomiting on you.  No matter how much you try to bob and weave, the crap will always find you.  The last few weeks have been difficult – not in the disastrous way of a death or anything but just little […]

  • Month 56

    Month 56

    Dear Olivia, I’ve only been in the parenting business for a little over four years now which I can honestly say that if this were a nine-to-five gig, I would be putting in my two weeks notice as I type this.  Not that I don’t love being a parent, I’m just a person who doesn’t […]

  • Month 55

    Month 55

    Dear Olivia, I am a horrible decision maker.  I loathe making big decisions because I tend to place a great deal of importance on the outcome.  I can find pros and cons in everything and I will have anxiety attacks as I try to figure out a solution.  Just ask your Dad about our infamous […]

  • Month 54

    Month 54

    Dear Olivia, Have you ever heard a four year old girl play with her dolls?  If you have not, I strongly suggest you locate one this instant and lurk in the shadows so you can eavesdrop on her.  The play conversations a four year old has amongst her toys are hands down the funniest shit […]

  • Month 53

    Month 53

    Dear Olivia, This post is brought to you by stress-eating.  I sit here stuffing my face with every last piece of chocolate I can find in an effort to calm my nerves from the most stressful walk I have ever been on.  I’m serious – I have a mouth full of chocolate raisins and what […]

  • Month 52

    Month 52

    Dear Olivia, Your Great-Grandmother Sparks passed away last night.  It wasn’t a surprise by any means – in fact her health had been declining steadily since the holidays.  Despite knowing that her prognosis wasn’t good, it’s still something you can never quite prepare yourself for.  Perhaps one day you will know what I’m talking about.  […]

  • Month 51

    Month 51

    Dear Olivia, The holidays are officially over and I say it’s officially over because I finally took down the Christmas tree yesterday.  I love LOVE Christmas and having children only adds to the joy I have this time of year.  I really can’t get enough of Christmas and having you and Miles gives me an […]