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  • Month 50

    Month 50

    Dear Olivia, You learned to ride a bike yesterday and for you, this is quite an accomplishment.  An accomplishment that is roughly a year in the making.  Let me take you back to December of last year.  I purchased the most adorable little Schwinn I could get my hands on and I was confident that […]

  • Month 49

    Month 49

    Dear Olivia, Last month was the drama-filled month of Adriana and I’m happy to report that since her departure from all of our lives, things have settled down quite a bit.  Perhaps it’s a placebo type of effect but I truly feel that you’re not so aggressive here at the house anymore.  You still boss […]

  • Month 48

    Month 48

    Dear Olivia, Wooooooooot – holla at you – it’s your birthday!  So, last month I had the dilemma planning how we would celebrate your birthday.  Our original plan was a trip to Southern California to make our yearly visit to Disneyland but when plans changed, I was suddenly faced with a birthday rapidly approaching and […]

  • Month 47

    Month 47

    Dear Olivia, Why must bedtime be such a production?  I know kids despise bed and they pull out every stop to prolong the inevitable but my goodness, I am spent when I finally get you down.  7:30 rolls around and I know the major hurdle of the day is upon me and I muster up […]

  • Month 46

    Month 46

    Dear Olivia, When I first heard from the Doctor that you were a girl, every girl cliche popped in my head and I was filled with fear from the very first second.  Perhaps this is the real reason I didn’t want to know your sex while I was pregnant – the sheer fear of knowing […]

  • Month 45

    Month 45

    Dear Olivia, Have I told you how much you love drama?  I’m pretty sure I have but I think it’s something worth mentioning again.  You don’t just love movies, you love to memorize the dialogue and then reenact the scenes in the bathroom mirror or while we’re out running errands.  My personal favorite is a […]

  • Month 44

    Month 44

    Dear Olivia, I was informed by your swim teacher that she thinks you may be bored.  I can’t say I didn’t see this coming but hearing the words totally bummed me out.  You have loved swimming for so long and I feared that one day you would have had enough and want to stop.  I […]

  • Month 43

    Month 43

    Dear Olivia, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s been happening to me lately – I spend a good portion of the day making strange noises while I feverishly rub my eyes.  You see me disappear upstairs in a hurry only to reappear with a puffy face and bright red glossy eyeballs.  I can only imagine that […]

  • Month 42

    Month 42

    Dear Olivia, I am incredibly amazed how hysterical you get when you start to have articles of clothing removed.  Not hysterical from an angry standpoint but it’s as if when you’re naked, it some how evokes this animal within you who is trying to claw their way out.  There is an enthusiasm beyond comprehension that […]