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  • Month 41

    Month 41

    Dear Olivia, You have been at preschool for six months now and still love it.  You get excited about going and sometimes it seems to be the only thing you can talk about.  You have never been worked up about going or ever told me you don’t want to go.  I think a huge contributing […]

  • Month 40

    Month 40

    Dear Olivia, To say it has been a difficult month would be an understatement and for the first time you’re not the sole contributor to the problems.  That right there deserves a round of applause.  This past month has been jam-packed with a funeral, a car break-in and a sick dog.  Thankfully we decided not […]

  • Month 39

    Month 39

    Dear Olivia, Your fourth Christmas has come and gone and as sad as I am for the holidays to be over, there is also a sense of relief to finally get you back on some kind of schedule.  There was a brief time when you would wake up and the first thing you would ask […]

  • Month 38

    Month 38

    Dear Olivia, I hope one day you can help me out and shed some light on how one minute you’re jumping around laughing and the next minute you’re crying hysterically naming every body part that hurts.  You were absolutely fine last night and when I told you it was time to get out of the […]

  • Month 37

    Month 37

    Dear Olivia, I’m about to admit something that I don’t think most Mothers would ever admit.  It is a situation that has been irking me a lot lately and given my nature to never be able to make a solid decision and stick with it, I think it’s a problem that is only natural for […]

  • Month 36

    Month 36

    Dear Olivia, Oh my O-bear, you are now three years old.  3!  It’s so cliche to say I don’t know where the time has gone but it really is astonishing how fast time flies when you’re chasing a toddler and an infant and answering repetitive mundane questions every two seconds.  Year two was a damn […]

  • Month 35

    Month 35

    Dear Olivia, I started writing a post for you two weeks ago and I decided to sit on the post and not publish it because it was rather grim.  In all honesty, it was written after a rather long day filled with you declaring your independence every few minutes followed by excessive foot stomping and […]

  • Month 34

    Month 34

    Dear Olivia, We just returned from our annual trip to Nanette’s cabin and I have to admit that those four days with you and Miles were harder than labor.  Imagine if you will, a cabin with nine raucous children and four frantic mothers.  Well, in all honesty, I think I was the most frantic because […]

  • Month 33

    Month 33

    Dear Olivia, Call me crazy but I think I’m getting the hang of this whole toddler thing.  Either I’m becoming familiar with the daily temper tantrums or I’m still on a high from your week away at your Grandparents house.  You still average half a dozen outbursts daily but I try not to get emotional […]