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  • Month 32

    Month 32

    Dear Olivia, I have a strong suspicion you may be a drama major in school.  You can look interested in a conversation and belt out a boisterous laugh on cue like a polished salesman and you can flip on a dime and give your best damsel in distress impression.  Your emotions are an extreme – […]

  • Month 31

    Month 31

    Dear Olivia, **SARCASM ALERT**  I love Spring!  I love the flowers and the Dublin breeze and most of all, I love the constant sneezing and itchy crusty eyes.  You may be asking yourself, why are you sharing this information with me?  Because, allergies alone are the kiss of death.  Allergies with a 6 month old […]

  • Month 30

    Month 30

    Dear Olivia, I’m writing this in early April which means we survived our family trek to DisneyWorld.  Holy cow, what an experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I have memories that I will cherish forever but it was a busy busy week.  Between the rainstorms to tornado warnings to constantly breaking down the stroller and schlepping […]

  • Month 29

    Month 29

    Dear Olivia, I had one of those parenting moments recently where I looked back in retrospect and thought, I probably could have handled that situation with you a little bit more maturely.  It was a typical moment where I asked you to pick up a toy, your stuffed brown bear to be specific.  You continued […]

  • Month 28

    Month 28

    Dear Olivia, I had one of those moments last month when I realized you’re growing up way too fast.  We took a tour of a preschool.  STOP THE PRESSES!  You are in fact almost ready for preschool.  I’m not talking about daycare that is discuised as preschool but real preschool.  We had the opportunity to […]

  • Month 26 & 27

    Month 26 & 27

    Dear Olivia, You’re so special, you get two posts in one!  I’m sorry, I hope this doesn’t translate in to how I’ve been treating you since Miles arrived.  Truth of the matter is, you’re much more independent lately and I’m taking advantage of that.  It’s not like I’m letting you play in traffic or anything […]

  • Month 25

    Month 25

    Dear Olivia, NO NO NO This appears to be the only word you are capable of speaking lately.  Anything we ask of you, you respond with a firm NO!  Somtimes you just blurt it out and I second guess myself thinking, did I just daze off and ask you something?  I have resorted to parent […]

  • Month 24

    Month 24

    Dear Olivia, We have slightly less than 2 weeks before the imminent arrival of your new sibling.  I’m trying to take in every moment that is left of just you and me before things get awfully nutty around here.  I’m doing my best despite being the most exhausted I have ever felt in my life.  […]

  • Month 23

    Month 23

    Dear Olivia, Well we have definitely had our fill of each other this past month.  We started the month by going up to a cabin in Arnold, CA with Erma, Merrik, her sister and a few other mom’s and their kids.  It was the first time we had been away, just you and me, without […]